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Out Now – Cold Flood

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“Riveting – A thriller set in a geology field camp, “Cold Flood” gives the reader a great story in a unique location. Stunning descriptions of Iceland, with a crash course in glaciology, wrapped around a well-crafted heroine. There’s something for everyone in this book, science buffs and mystery fans especially.” Tracy T  Review on Amazon

“Cold Flood is a decent mystery and a perfect companion for a stormy afternoon. For you geology buffs, there is plenty of hiking, breath taking beauty and, of course, great technology.” A-Thrill-A-Week

“This book caught me and pulled me in…” What is Life Without Books

“A thrilling story in an unusual setting.” Yet Another Blogging Mommy!!!



For geologist Kea Wright, when a volcano erupts under and ice cap, it isn’t just a good time, it’s a living.

Camped at the base of an icecap in southeast Iceland, Kea and her team are investigating landforms created by catastrophic floods. With only days left in the field season, bad weather on the way, and the volcano due to erupt at any time, the team is struck by a tragedy that threatens to shut down the entire project.

As the team rushes to complete their work, the expedition continues to be plagued by setbacks, leading Kea to wonder if the initial tragedy was an accident after all. During her reluctant – and inept – attempts to investigate, Kea inadvertently stumbles upon a secret. One so valuable, someone is willing to kill to keep it hidden.


R. J. Corgan Books is dedicated to providing readers with the opportunity to learn alongside scientists all around the world, all while enjoying a good murder mystery.

Coming in 2019:  The adventures of Dr. Kea Wright continue in The Meerkat Murders