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Etna Awakes!

Mount Etna erupted this morning as seen in this amazing time lapse video: You can read more about Etna’s location, geology and the fieldwork I conducted there this past September here: h

Guest Post on Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile: The Character in the Flaw

I was invited to be a guest poster on Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile’s site, talking on the topic of building characters in fiction: how to make them interesting, without resorting to giving them, say, an eye patch.* Excerpt: “Asked to read a first draft, a beta reader informed me: ‘It’s okay, but your main character doesn’t have enough flaws.’ A second reader said of the same draft replied, ‘She has too many flaws!’ This led me to ask the question: When is your lead character sufficiently flawed enough to be interesting, but not too much that it alienates the reader? In…

When I attended the ESRI International User’s Conference in San Diego, it was announced that the 8 meter resolution Digital Elevation Model was released. Completed in coordination with University of Minnesota, this is the first time a full, detailed elevation model of Antarctica has been created and it’s gorgeous: The full model, and data behind it will be released in September! The same group completed the Arctic Elevation Model in 2017. The Arctic data available via the Polar Geospatial Center’s website. Simply amazing.

Guest Post on What Cathy Read Next: ‘Putting Science in Fiction’

Last week it was a pleasure to be featured as a guest poster on What Cathy Read Next, discussing the topic of ‘Putting Science in Fiction.’ Here’s an excerpt: “Scientists leading expeditions in the remotest regions of the world are often doing a mad balancing act. Putting aside the fact that they have to acquire funding, manage the logistics for travel, food, and equipment for all of their team members, they also have to ensure the safety of every member under hazardous conditions. They do this while simultaneously mentoring and educating students, managing course loads, and addressing concerns, and enlisting…

New Review on Yet another blogging mummy!!!

  There’s great new review of Cold Flood now up on Yet another blogging mummy!! and the first review on! Woo hoo! Beware, spoilers ahoy! And as the reviewer points out, there is a glossary at the back of the book for those who want to learn more about the geology/glaciology of the region. (Even includes the odd Icelandic swear word or two as well!) You can read the review here!  

New review of Cold Flood posted on A-Thrill-A-Week!

New review of Cold Flood posted on A-Thrill-A-Week, a blog that ‘Reviews Thriller Book Series from a Scientific Viewpoint’ Not only is it a great review, the blog provides additional scientific insight! Also from the blogger’s page (which I love): Signs you’ve become a mad scientist: – When you stop calling the people who staff your laboratory “grad students” and start calling them “minions” instead. – When doing your hair in the morning requires 1000 volts but no conditioner. – When the number of burn marks or bloodstains on your white coat exceeds the number of coffee stains. – When your…

Cold Flood – Now available on Amazon!

Cold Flood – is now available on Amazon! And first review is in: “Riveting – A thriller set in a geology field camp, “Cold Flood” gives the reader a great story in a unique location. Stunning descriptions of Iceland, with a crash course in glaciology, wrapped around a well crafted heroine. There’s something for everyone in this book, science buffs and mystery fans especially.”